Buyers talking about the Preshow...

«The Preshow offers us the opportunity to meet new suppliers in a pleasant setting. But also to be able to meet the suppliers with who we work and with who we have few opportunities to meet/exchange. The opportunity to discover new trends and new products are reasons that make this tradeshow a must!» Jean-Charles MARIANI, Arteum Services
«For me, the Preshow is an essential meeting place to meet as many people as possible in a single magical place. The organization and concept allow us to have quality meetings, in a privileged way.» Hélène DELLIERE, Futura Finances
«An incredible window on the different ranges, news, suppliers. An extraordinary time saving for my activity. A huge thank you to Frédéric ROY, for his constant support in the preparation of this event.» Véronique PEYSSON, France Loisirs
«The Preshow Noël is the meeting of new suppliers. The discovery of new trends & new products. Constructive exchanges.» Claudia NUNES, ALDI France
«Quality supplier meetings in a pleasant environment.» Manuel DEBOST, Ludendo
«This meeting allows us, in a limited time, to discover the new products of the suppliers in one place, therefore this show remains a very effective tool and very appreciated by its formula.» Stéphane BUCHOUX, Auchan
«Prepare the selection work, get an overview of what’s new, meet suppliers we don’t have time to visit in Nuremberg or Paris.» Marie NEVENS-LEMAIRE, L’Atelier de Gepetto
«Good contact in an incomparable atmosphere with other trade fairs.» Dirk Henri DOBBELAERE, Toys Trade
«It is an essential meeting to review the season and the upcoming pre-season with our suppliers. It will also be able to guide future permanent employees in the future.» Fabrice HAUTEKEETE, Cora Belux
«Visibility on the 2019 ranges and new supplier contacts.» Arnaud MANGIN, MG Diffusion
«A friendly meeting. Precious because many appointments in a short period of time.» Alain DELSOL, GIE CSJ
«The Preshow Noël is a way to combine business with pleasure to get to know new trends and suppliers.» Lucas DEGRAEVE, Ludendo
«Essential to have all the new products to come and to see in record time our main suppliers.» Crystel HALLOUIN, Oxybul Eveil & Jeux
«The tradeshow allows you to see many suppliers in a very short time, which would not otherwise be possible. Discuss with other brands and suppliers to get their views and feelings.» Olivier CATTELET, Cora

*Testimonials from buyers who came to the 2018 and 2019 editions of the Preshow Noël